The program for the entire group needs to be entirely funded out of our fundraising efforts. Bottle Drive and Popcorn Drive proceeds will be allocated to the sections for their section programs and to the group for group events. Each section will receive a fair portion of the fundraising proceeds based on the approved program and budget for the section. The cost of uniform vest or brown shirt (depending on section) is the responsibility of the parent/member. All other uniform parts, such as neckerchief and badges will be provided by the group. The group will charge for the replacement cost of lost uniform items. The cost of handbooks and other Scouting equipment are also the responsibility of the parent/member.

Bottle Drives

Bottle Drives project a positive image of our organization in the Tuscany community and provide a major source of our annual revenue requirements. To make these events successful, each family is expected to participate in each of the 2 bottle drives. We require 4 adult hours participation per youth per drive, to a maximum of 8 adult hours. Beavers and Cubs are expected to help out in the morning with collecting. Scouts and Venturers are expected to help out for the entire day. If siblings are brought along to help, the same age thresholds are applied.

On registration, parents will provide two post-dated cheques ($150.00 per cheque) for each youth, to a maximum of 2 youths, registered with 243 Tuscany Scouts. These deposit cheques will be destroyed if the youth and family participate in the planned bottle drives for the specified amount of time. If a youth or family fails to complete their commitments in the drives, their cheques will be cashed.

Cancellation and subsequent rescheduling of a bottle drive will be reviewed by the Group Committee upon recommendation of the bottle drive coordinator and only approved upon due consideration of reasons for and consequences of rescheduling. The running of a bottle drive is influenced by the Bottle Depot. In the event the depot cannot / will not be available, the drive will be rescheduled. In the event of a cancellation and/or rescheduling, all group members and parents will be notified at the earliest opportunity.

The bottle drives will be announced in the event section of this web site and also communicated through the regular program information.

The coordinator will ensure that the bottle drive notice boards are displayed at locations around the Tuscany community five to six days prior to the bottle drive date. The venue for each bottle drive will be centralized at a designated collection/sorting area for the above dates. Locations will be confirmed and youth/family notified in advance. If there are any changes regarding dates, times or location, the youth's leader(s) will advise each youth/family.

Youth attending a Bottle Drive are required to wear their Scouting uniform (vest, neckerchief and hat for Beavers; shirt and neckerchief for Cubs, Scouts and Venturers). On arrival at a bottle drive, it is the responsibility of the parents and/or youth to sign the attendance sheet and record their selected/allocated route number or indicate if they will be sorting. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children at all times during bottle drive events.

Popcorn Sales

The annual popcorn drive is a major fundraising event each season. It is coordinated by Scouts Canada and is a major revenue source for both the individual groups and for Scouts Canada. To ensure the success of this event, the Group Committee establishes a sub-committee of volunteers with a chairperson to organize and run this event. The sub-committee reports directly to the Group Committee. Each youth is expected to achieve a minimum sales goal. Of the funds raised, 40% helps fund the Scouting program in Tuscany.

On registration, parents will provide a post-dated cheque for each youth registered with 243 Tuscany Scouts. The deposit cheque shall be destroyed if the youth and parents participate in the Scouts Popcorn fundraiser and achieve the minimum sales goal. If a youth/family fails to meet the sales goal, their post-dated cheque shall be cashed.

The popcorn drive takes place in late October / early November. Rules established by the National / Regional councils pertaining to the sale of the popcorn must be adhered to at all times. The popcorn coordinator will distribute all the relevant paperwork to each individual unit prior to the commencement of the popcorn drive.