We had an awesome Jamboree Over The Internet (JOTI) meeting tonight.

Our Scouts used computers to communicate with Scouts in London Ontario (Thanks Andrew!), Vancouver, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Equador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Scotland, England, the Netherlands, Philippines, Malaysia and Australia!

This event is going on throughout the weekend, and you can find more information at www.joti.org.

JOTI Contact Map

The Great Escape camp was, wel.... GREAT!!! It was a lot of fun to mislead the Ventures, who were acting as the capturers, while we were the escapees. All played out in the middle of the night in a farmers field east of Airdrie.

Our score was not that great:

  • Group 243A, 50.25 points, 29 place
  • Group 243B, 46.6 points, 32 place

Total number of teams 60. Next year we will be trying to get out of the middle of the pack!

Scouter Brian gives his perspective on leading a wonderful group kids. He also talks about camping in different seasons and invites boys and girls to join our group, and start preparing for the upcoming Canadian Jamboree in camp Woods in Sylvan Lake.


In our series of testimonials, Tony speaks about his experiences with last year's program and gives reasons why you should consider joining our program.

Another testimonial to share with your friends. Russell explains that he had a great first year of Scouts and is looking forward to the upcoming year, spending time learning new skills and doing fun activities.