Be prepared for a Scout to ring your door bell to sell you popcorn. This is by far the biggest fund raiser for us, which allow us to offer a quality program to the youth in Tuscany. Good news for our regular customers: The Kettle Corn is back in the assortment again this year! Please help our Scout troop, so that we can teach the kids to do a good turn every day!

On Saturday October 18, 2014 the 243 Tuscany Scouts will have their bi-annual bottle drive. This is an important fund raiser for the group and the proceeds will be used to offer a quality program to the youth of the Tuscany community. Please help us by placing marked bags in front of your home. Thank you for your donations!

During our all section camp, we had a surprise visit from the actors of the Lego(R) Movie... It was great to see our Venturer section putting a lot of effort in entertaining the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. The Beavers were able to meet Vitruvius, Emmet, Benny, Bad Cop and Lord Business in the afternoon, while the Cubs and Scouts were treated to a night game by the actors.

We also like to specially acknowledge the help of Jim Akeson from Scoperta, a Calgary based organization dedicated to teach electronics to schools and clubs, who donated batteries and LED's. Using this technology we were able to send the participants on an illuminated quest through the forrest, following a trail of slow colour changing lights. It looked like an enchanted forrest one of the participants remarked. 

The all section camp is one of the highlights of the 243 Tuscany Scouts season, as it get all sections and volunteers acquainted with each other. Thanks to all the volunteers to make this a fantastic event, despite the less then perfect weather conditions. The Scouts summarized it as "EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME!"

The Cubs spent a night at Heritage Park in March. The night started with a guided tour around the park, where the Cubs found out about all the ghosts that have been seen amongst the buildings (including the lady in white). After that, we got to make our own ice-cream, build log cabins and participate in a RCMP drill, complete with authentic beanies! To top it off all the Cubs got to sleep in a converted barn. The event ended with a tour through the new Gasoline museum, including trying out some of the antique cars on display!

For a weekend in early February, the Tuscany Cubs got to experience winter camping at its finest, staying at the “converted prison-yard” at Barrier Lake, Kananaskis! They spent the weekend hiking through the snow, carving intricate snow forts and trenches in the snow piles, and stargazing at night. The weather cooperated enough that we even fit in a game of snow-soccer! The weekend was a lot of fun and we look forward to going back next year.