Paulo Dambacher - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Paulo has been a Scout Leader in our group since 2012 when his kids decided to join Scouts Canada. He has completed his Woodbadge I and has been awarded a certificate of commendation. He was involved in Scouting in Brazil since 1981 as youth and later became a leader for more then 15 years. Paulo works for Phoenix Tech as manufacturing supervisor and in his spare time he enjoys mountain biking, hiking, camping, and some mountaineering.



René Sloos

René has been a scouting leader since 2002. In the first 7 years he was a Beaver Leader, while his three sons enjoyed the program. From there he skipped the Cub section and went on to be a Scout leader. In day time Rene is a partner in a professional IT services firm in town. Scouting allows him to schedule time away from the busy job, to spend time with the kids and give something back to the community. Although Rene does not have any Scouting experience from his youth, he does bring a wealth of experience as a volunteer camp leader. In our group he is referred to as the king of the night game.


Ellen Sloos

Ellen moved to Calgary from the Netherlands in 1996. She had never been in scouts before, but was a camp councillor with an organization organizing summer camps for youth youth between 9-15 years old. Her three sons have all enjoyed the program. They are currently in the Venture and Scout troop. Ellen started as a parent volunteer, cooking at the investiture camps at Camp Winchell, then became the "Special Event coordinator" and finally became a scout leader. With the 243 Tuscany scout troop, she attended the Canadian Jamboree was in 2013 in Sylvan Lake. Her day time job is purchaser at an IT company, and in her spare time, she sings in a recreational show choir named "Second Chants".



Thomas Lijnse

Scouter Thomas has been a part of the 243 Tuscany Scouts since 2004. He has worked in the past with the Beaver section for three years, and has been working with the Scouts since 2013. Owner of the Chief Scout Award, Thomas shows a dedication to the program that he passes on to the youth. 





Matt Lijnse

Matt has been involved with the scouting program in Tuscany since his first year as a scout in 2004, growing up in the program and earning his Chief Scout and Queen’s Venturer awards. He chose to serve as a leader when he could no longer be a youth member. He is now a part time leader with the group, between working an EMS job, backpacking and archery.



Taylor Doud

Taylor was among the first to join the 243 Tuscany scouts back in 2003. Having grown too old to participate as a youth, he is now a leader that wishes to bring the same great experiences he had as a kid, to the children of today. Taylor brings an exciting and outgoing atmosphere to the group while teaching valuable life skills.